Real estate marketing aims to increase the investment appeal of real estate for the investor, tenant, actual buyer, and other target audiences who may use the property after it is handed over. The use of marketing is associated with the beginning of work on constructing the property. At the same time, marketing activity is maintained at all stages of the life cycle. In other words, real estate marketing is resorted to from the moment of appearance of ideas to their implementation at the end of the construction phase.

Marketing activities in real estate are implemented in the following areas:

- For buildings under construction;

- for the ready object of construction;

- for land plots;

- for other services in the field.

Which real estate marketing tools are popular today?

In today's business world, marketing on the Internet has long been one of the critical online services in selling or leasing real estate. A good location and a reasonable price for an apartment or house are the main factors for a successful sale in the shortest time possible.

In the past year, virtually all real estate firms and their target audiences have moved online as traditional marketing has become less effective because of the switch to digital technology. Real estate companies, too, have needed to adapt. The new reality has brought about changes, such as an already long transaction cycle; business processes have become more complex, and employee management has become more difficult. There is competition for the customer in a crisis, so you have to be flexible, focus on strategy, and set up the latest business processes.

Businesses are using a variety of tools to increase sales and gain a firmer foothold in the marketplace.

- Due diligence. As a rule, real estate purchase is a rather lengthy process. The implementation of which the consumer approaches comprehensively, i.e., carefully examines the options, collects information, and conducts a comparative analysis of prices for the object to be purchased. It is also necessary to cooperate with him, form demand, and accompany up to the purchase. Media advertising plays a significant role in the field of vision for a person at the time of the formation of the need.

- Promotion of the client from the moment of entering the site until the target action. At this point, you should show the person the items sold and customer testimonials.

- Three-dimensional models combined with augmented reality - Showing the design of the future object is another way to get the customer's attention.

- Masks - This non-obvious Instagram medium has become a trend for 2021-2022. Thanks to their organic distribution on social media, branded masks with a company logo contribute to quick recognition and increased audience reach.

- Dashboard is more of a tool for managers to remote monitor marketing and sales departments. The dashboard provides integration and connection between the work of all the departments and visualization of these data in a convenient format for the staff. For example, when an employee is at home, he can monitor the fulfillment of the sales plan. Thanks to this, you can see the "weak links" and "areas of growth" in the business, making it possible to make the right management decisions. In addition, the dashboard allows you to monitor the effectiveness of each advertising channel, track the customer's route to purchase and its life cycle, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales department.


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