New directions of marketing in 2021, according to 21 specialists
New directions of marketing in 2021, according to 21 specialists

A huge number of marketers are people who have their own opinions about certain things, they also do not forget to listen to public opinion. Marketers necessarily interact with employees from other areas of the company, they study how prepared the company is to face the onslaught of competitors, and they also provide constant communication that unites the aspirations and demands of consumers.

For a more accurate understanding of what awaits us in the marketing world in the coming year, we will discuss all innovations and strategies with twenty marketing professionals. You will be able to find out their assessment and personal opinion that there are innovations and changes on this path.

We sincerely think that if you correctly use the knowledge and opportunities that marketing provides, you can achieve great heights in the development of your business. Every marketer is obliged to understand that it is within his power to put almost any business idea on a pedestal.

Now all people serve the same people, regardless of whether it is "Business to Business" or "Business to Consumer". Consumers try to find a good, reliable, and proven brand that can simplify their lives and satisfy all their desires. For a more successful business, we must be more loyal and friendly to our customers. Respect for each other will have a positive effect on the relationship between the seller and the buyer, and will also benefit the business in the form of increased income.

2021 is preparing real surprises for us in the field of marketing, so let's hear about them first-hand.

New items in the virtual world

1. Planned different activities in the field of marketing, included in the funnel.

Marketing Director at 6sense says that marketers will try to integrate even more into the virtual world in the coming season to keep up with modern trends. Therefore, several round-the-clock online events are planned, where specialists will discuss various development technologies, as well as gain new knowledge. Business owners can gradually join these activities. They will be able to enter the funnel through the media giants Netflix and Slack. At your choice, you can select the format of participation that suits you, you can watch online broadcasts, study the uploaded videos, or visit the community of the same fans of this topic. Thanks to this event, more people will be able to learn about the methods of work of a particular marketer and become his client. On this forum, customers can discuss all their questions and interact with other users. Latane Conant strongly recommends visiting this virtual event.

2. Marketing communities will replace old marketing. 

Renowned marketer Adam Mazur claims that a whole era is ending when industry phenomena were associated with marketing. Due to the global pandemic, the conference was held not in the usual format, but through video communication and virtual reality. Despite this, Mr. Mazur hopes that we will still be able to resume real conferences and meetings.

3. New methods of motivating online connections.

 Higher Logic Marketing Director, Kevin Alansky, says that there is no doubt that internet technologies will have a tremendous development in 2021. Already, most corporations hold digital exhibitions and various virtual events. But, unfortunately, some corporations could not succeed in this field, since they were not technologically equipped properly. Also, many people were already tired of online calls and conferences, so a large proportion of the events were simply canceled. The way out of this situation can be online communities, where communication of people before and after an online event will be possible. This will help attract more customers and create a strong bond between the corporation and the consumer. This trend promises to be successful.

4. The long-awaited interactivity will become the norm in 2021

Jake Milstein reports that after the rapidly evolving virus epidemic, there has been an increase in demand for virtual events that try to be as close to reality as possible. But after a few months, we saw that people were oversaturated with the virtual world and stopped so actively attending online events. People dream of live communication. They want to not only observe the actions taking place on the screen but actively participate in discussions. And modern realities allow you to do this. We have lived to the point where the interactive world has become an integral part of our lives.

Ideals and traditions of brands

5. Brand prosperity through customer orientation.'s VP of Marketing, Natalie Severino, puts forward the hypothesis that many corporations have been able to stay afloat during the difficult period of 2020. only because they thought primarily about consumers. This way of doing business is only possible with a well-established relationship and a mutually beneficial partnership between the marketing department of the company, the developers of the sales sector and directly, the buyers themselves. Since we now have some difficulties with personal communication, we use the slightest opportunity to build specific goals and establish relationships.

6. Separation of brand reference points on social and political grounds.

Tim Linberg argues that in 2021, brands will overcome an ever-changing social and political climate. The process of cooperation of service providers with their consumers was influenced by important political events, as well as a dangerous pandemic.

Brands will have to communicate through their ideals and preferences, which will entail whether customers choose to produce it or not.

Money and profit

7. Closed forms with a questionnaire will lose their relevance.

The CEO of Pattern89 says that in the coming decade, the marketing world will stop using closed-ended questionnaires. This is since this method is uninformative and outdated. In today's world of opportunities, there are more efficient and effective ways to test your audience.

8. Increase funding for digital marketing.

Contentful's marketer, Bridget Perry, claims that today we can observe a huge gap between the needs of customers and the technological innovations that the market offers him. That is why most of the world's corporations are ready to increase the budget for the development of innovative technologies by more than 25%. Those companies that do not follow this trend will suffer big losses in the future.

9. Funding for technology development will bounce back in 2021, but not all areas will benefit from it.

The head of marketing at TrustRadius says that in the near future, half of the companies will still operate online, while the rest will adapt to mixed activities. There is also a possibility that some firms will start operating in the old regime. 2020 required people to adapt to new living conditions, online conferences, and video calls became in demand. People began to use their PCs more for work, they needed good software, reliable anti-virus programs, and more.

All these trends will not disappear in 2021. But video calling, online events, and other virtual events will undergo several changes.

10. Communication is the key to successful content marketing.

The director of Casted Corporation reports that virtually all content marketing training materials were published over 20 years ago. Of course, they no longer correspond to modern realities and require improvement. Many marketing firms try to attract audiences to certain sites or Internet communities using SEO optimization, but this is only useful for search engines, but not for people. It is necessary to conduct a lively dialogue with consumers to achieve the set goals. The modern consumer is looking for the real interaction, which is what companies should broadcast.

11. Most corporations will cut funding for the marketing industry in 2021.

The marketing director of Litmus said that marketers should not prepare for the best times, as companies intend to reduce the number of employees in this segment and reduce costs.

By such actions, corporations can expose themselves very much.

Although most firms are forced to cut funding for the marketing department at this time, this will not help them in their further development. After all, not having success and progress at this stage, in the future it can only get worse. Indeed, without a marketing department, it is impossible to get the full development of the sphere in which the corporation is engaged. It is necessary to correct possible shortcomings of the marketing system, which cannot ensure effective operation, and not to eradicate the entire system as a whole.

Corporations should focus on innovative marketing solutions and hire the best in marketing.

Teams & interaction

 12. Everything will revolve around people. 

Caroline Tien-Spaulding assures that marketing development in 2021 will be focused on interacting with consumers and meeting all their needs. This has always been the main goal of this field, but now, marketing is looking one step ahead than before. Thanks to the development of digital technologies, this area has gained valuable knowledge and data, thanks to which it will be able to significantly better establish relationships with customers.

13. Corporations are developing a group of web operations.

Marketer Christy Marble thinks that at this stage of development, marketers need to develop technologies that will help interact with consumers online. The system should be multifunctional and flexible, marketing should be ready for different courses of events. It is necessary to learn how to instantly respond to the needs of the client and go to him. 2021 will be the beginning of a new era, cross-functional teams that can work with digital resources will enter the era. Groups that can use virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies to get good value from customers. Marketing should organically flow into all the changes that take place in the global market. Now organizations with the most developed client-oriented approach are valued.

Technological changes

14. Brands will usher in a new era of data storage.

Marketer Andrea Lechner-Becker says that modern marketing requires maximum awareness and collection of all kinds of information. Marketers in 2021 should pay attention not only to the data they have, but also to have third-party data. Professionals in this field cannot be at the mercy of CRM, they must start launching their personal development.

15. Rethinking Panic Pivot.

 Marketer Laliv Hadar of InVision Communications says the pandemic has changed the way the marketing sector works. So, all work meetings and meetings were transferred to the online space, which put people in an uncomfortable position. All of this will lead us to rethink the possibilities of interaction with consumers. It is necessary to show clients that even in the Internet space, communication between real individuals is possible. All brand acceptance is based on the personal experience of each customer, they need to share their thoughts and experiences.

16. Transformation will lead to prosperity.

Sonim's Chief Marketing Officer hypothesizes that in 2021, most companies will be able to increase their profits and achieve significant development. Perhaps, shortly, we will all have to return to the usual way of working, and since marketing systems are used to frequent changes in the surrounding factors, it will not be difficult for this area to adapt to any new conditions. There will certainly remain a group of marketers who find it difficult to follow the sequence of changes in the global market and can fail. But, most successful professionals who have managed to adapt to the prevailing circumstances will profit for their company from this. Whether it's online sales, digital events, or work from home.

17. The use of personalization will continue.

Nick Runyon argues that brands will be able to maximize their development if they have information about their customers' intentions and try to strengthen automatic connections. Personalization will be used to its fullest in 2021 marketing.

18. Marketing will develop in the field of data collection and machine learning.

 Cheetah Digital's chief marketing officer, Richard Jones, says the personalization process will take a new branch. They will be based on a complete and in-depth understanding of the information collected. Zero and raw files will be used, machine learning will be activated for the sake of a sequence of events. This will lead to an automatic conversion path.

19. The introduction of multi-channel will be developed.

Meg Scales said that it would be much more useful for any company to develop several channels at once, rather than mixing all the resources. In 2021, channels with loyalty programs will appear, which will help establish a connection between the company and the consumer. Consumer interactions in one channel can initiate an automatic personalized sequence in another channel, conserving information and behavior.

20. Rapid movement into the world of Internet reality.

Terminus' marketer, Oseh Britt, claims that 2021 will see the same rapid movement into the world of Internet reality, as well as the active use of innovative technologies. Virtual meetings, business meetings, events, and exhibitions have already become boring for the audience. Therefore, marketers need to look for new ways to attract consumers. It may be necessary to use your imagination and creative thinking to dilute the digital content.















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