Let's dive into the world of the future for a second and imagine what it can be. The streets will be full of robotic workers with whom you can have small talk. Will it be easy for you to talk to him and for him, in turn, to understand your intentions, desires and preferences? The robot can tell you that it is engaged in the development of postcards and tries to find the perfect words of congratulations and designs that will attract the buyer. Perhaps even he will ask you for advice on this matter. 

This likely is how the marketing of the future will evolve. Despite all the obstacles in the form of misunderstandings and not always successful interaction between robots and people in the near future, automated machines will only improve. Their speeches will not be like a set of programmed and lifeless phrases, they will become closer to us. Robots will be able to become more pleasant in communication, learn compassion and will be able to make you half-hearted. Such developments and improvements are happening right now.

Have you ever thought about the existence of semi-humanoid robots, endowed with the ability to read emotions and feelings? This is exactly the kind of development that the friendly and rather cute robot Pepper is. It was designed by the Softbank technique to amuse people and relax them mentally. Such a robot can easily contact people, absorb their behavior, and find a common language with them. Already, Pepper works as a secretary in some British corporations. His abilities include recognizing people's faces, sending notifications, talking to guests before a conference, and even making cocktails. In Asian countries, such robots are successfully working in the fields of medicine and banking. Its capabilities are simply amazing, but certainly, it is not without minor flaws. Developers know what still needs to be done to improve product productivity. As robots have gained immense popularity especially in marketing in recent years, researchers have accelerated with testing and improving their work. Behind these robots is the future of new interactive marketing. What is this type of marketing?

Active work and interaction with customers is interactive marketing. Its purpose is to be able to use dual feedback channels of communication. They enable customers to continuously communicate with Ftrmor, without any problems or barriers. Such communication can occur during live communication, but as practice shows, all communication and feedback are made online. It is important to note that this type of marketing was talked about back in the 90s, incredible success was predicted for it, the future of advertising and promotion was seen for it.

According to research, it was found that out of the entire stream of various advertising, only 9% of a digital product is shown for more than 1 second. Such statistics are striking because it means that all other advertisements are not watched at all. They just pass by the human eye. And all because people do not want to clog their thoughts with unnecessary information, they do not want to buy things imposed by someone who is not clear. People are more inclined to analyze their needs, consider all the options, and only then think about buying this or that product. The most advanced consultants want to first examine the needs and desires of their future customers before offering them products. This is where knowledge and understanding of interactive marketing help. It is very important to create a two-way communication channel between the client and the supplier, as well as the use of advertisements that make it possible to complete all the tasks.

Experts in marketing may reasonably wonder how robots can help in this matter?

In fact, interactive marketing is much more related to the next generation of automated technology than it might seem at first glance.

So, for example, the previously described Softbank Pepper constantly communicates with people in clinics and other waiting places. And even before you start going over in your head where robots can still be useful, we have prepared a list for you in which we have indicated all situations and places where they can significantly help people in marketing.

Robots have already started helping:

● Copywriters and web developers

● Support staff

● Marketing representatives in companies

● Call center workers

● Art creators and exhibition organizers

Robots will be able to perform simple tasks that managers face every day, which will greatly simplify the work of people, give more opportunities and time to complete creative tasks. This practice is already being successfully carried out in Los Angeles. Robots are engaged in reporting on the degree and repetition of earthquakes. Automated machines with AI use a special set of sequential actions, thus learning about all possible information about earthquakes, sickle it from the geological survey.

Thus, it becomes clear that robots are simply irreplaceable in the marketing of the business. They significantly improve productivity, speed up the workflow and significantly save the firm's funds. As mentioned earlier, employees of the corporation will be able to pay more attention to other important tasks, which are the opposite of simple routine actions.

Employees can engage in detailed research and analysis of the data obtained. They can take a fresh look at the likelihood of predicting a disaster.

Very soon, robotics will be able to radically change the idea of marketing and completely change the familiar system. At the moment, robots are being introduced into marketing to improve the work of companies, to ease the busy schedule of employees and to introduce new products. Robots will be able to easily take over the monotonous analysis and systematization of data, thereby freeing employees from excellent marketing. AI can improve the performance of employees by helping them find the information and data they need with the utmost importance. They identify potentially profitable products to sell that will be of interest to consumers.

So, let's summarize. Initially, in this article, you were shown an image of robotic assistants rotating in one place with a high degree of socialization, capable of analyzing information, collecting the necessary data for its further processing and use in marketing. Today, unfortunately, developers cannot boast of such a breakthrough in the development of robotics. But if you believe in the speed of testing and development that scientists produce, then all this awaits us in the near future.

But let's be realistic, at this stage of development robots have not yet become the main engines of marketing. Despite this, atomic machines were able to create a favorable environment for workers to study and promote their activities. They opened up completely new opportunities for marketers who now have a lot more advantages over the competition. It is robots that will help with the addition of fresh ideas in studying the desires of consumers and will help to achieve all goals much faster than if a person worked alone. Our future is behind robots, and the future of the market as well. Therefore, specialists in this field should be aware of all the new products and opportunities in their field of work.


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