The global economic downturn caused by Covid-19 has created problems with the delivery of goods, logistics planning, and labor shortages. That is why large companies are seriously interested in introducing innovative systems into their work.

Our specialists have carried out research into the areas of serial and hybrid production. All attention was paid to the study of various developers of automated systems and machines. Suppliers of these products were interviewed by our experts on the subject of how they see their potential customers, as well as how their business is affected by global economic and other changes. Since this issue has become especially acute this year.

There was a lot of overlap in their answers, but there were also a lot of differences. The only thing that is clear is that robotics, AI and other innovative developments will be in great demand and their popularity will only grow.

So what did we find out? In discrete domains, 5 main issues are stalling development and need close attention and funding. This is collecting information in the first place, analysis, calculations, new reliable software on the best IoT platform, new autonomous regulators, and cobots.

Most of all the trade goes on collecting and searching for a large amount of information, this is confirmed not by one company, but by almost everyone. Therefore, managers agree to pay extra for innovative technologies that will help them avoid even more expenses in the future, as well as optimize their work. After all, knowing and having information is the main path to success in this industry.

The Aveva manager claims that all the areas covered in this article show significant future changes in production using technologies in mass production. Developers of both serial and hybrid products have huge problems due to the pandemic. This affects development, profit, and all other areas. To improve this situation, the higher management makes important changes in their work, they are ready to introduce new technologies, use robotics and adapt to modern realities.

What awaits us after technological changes?

Based on our research, companies today are spending more and more money to improve the technological component of their firms. While the developers are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and continue to co-author their developments.

This is all due to the cooperation of companies in the field of delivery of goods and production systems. They work together, despite all the problematic moments associated with the pandemic. It was she who pushed them to develop such a community and to work together. The main goal of these areas today is a successful synchronization and giving back to meet all the needs on both sides. This will help you get the returns and profits you want.

It is electronic changes, innovative developments, and systems that give companies new chances for development and success. They help in collecting a huge amount of information, which greatly simplifies the workflow, making it faster.

Remote access as the system of the future

Researching the areas of interest to us, it turned out that more than 80% of respondents believe in the growth of companies' cash expenditures in remote access systems. At the same time, slightly fewer respondents are confident in the growth of investment in such a system in certain areas of industry.

The remote access system makes it possible for employees and supervisors to control all processes in warehouses, analyze the work done, and point out deficiencies that need to be corrected, without being present at the facility itself.

Thanks to the use of AI technologies and virtual reality, employees can also conduct training at a distance, which significantly saves time and money.

This way of access also allows the whole team to work on the project, even if all the participants are in different places.

Is the manufacturing execution system still needed?

Most of the professionals we interviewed consider this system to be one of the most important in mass production, which has a connection with the IoT. Also, MES is the main intersection of all information flows.

Labor force involvement

Most of the manufacturers we interviewed identified the search for professional personnel as another main problem. This is also the impetus for the technological development of the main automated trends in the serial business.

Since companies are often faced with a shortage of workers, they have to quickly adapt to this and find the necessary solutions. They must be equipped with the best software, the latest technological developments, and resources. The most important thing remains to collect and study the available data. This will help to compare the performance of the corporation with the indicators established in the market.

Since most employees belong to the older age category and cannot keep track of all the innovations, robotics comes to the rescue.

Continuous exploration and analysis of data along with machine learning and cloud systems are the main key factors for the development of the corporation. All of these systems improve productivity and reduce time consumption.

In addition, innovative technologies attract younger people, which has a positive effect on the development of the industry. Plus, do not forget that all new systems make it more accessible and easier to train both new and professional employees of the company. Technology brings high productivity and allows you to continuously train your employees in new essential skills.

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