According to statistics, marketers, designers, and technology professionals have been the most popular remote occupations over the past year.

Online platform PeoplePerHour conducted a study in which it studied all the information about 15 thousand freelancers. After studying the information received and analyzing it, it was revealed that the positions of designers, technology professionals, and digital marketing are the most demanded in the online employment market. You can notice that more and more requests and projects on freelance platforms are related to marketing and programming.

Following the statistics, the spread of percentages in demand looks like this:

- web developers - 21%,

- content authors - 13%,

- web designers - 11%,

- SEO specialists - 8%,

- application developers - 3%,

- managers of social networks - 3%.

For example, there are over 2.2 million freelancers in the United Kingdom, and this figure is growing all the time. In this regard, many specialists get the opportunity to successfully work remotely, or part-time in an already familiar field of activity. Most of the self-employed telecommuting workers make money through the gig economy. A lot of large corporations dream of freelance workers who can bring in greater efficiency without spending too much money. From here, such a stir around freelancers appeared.

The CEO of PeoplePerHour claims that the past year has completely changed everyone's life. This applies to the field of employment and business.

Private entrepreneurs suffered greatly during this period in financial terms, as they did not receive adequate support from the state. Some areas have suffered more, some less, and some have even succeeded in their field.

It was found that almost all corporations were forced to adapt to the current realities and use new operating modes. The transition to the online mode of work demanded special skills and abilities from the workers. A large number of corporations began fruitful partnerships with freelancers, which in turn increased productivity and turned out to be quite profitable.

Freelancers, in turn, also had to improve their skills for productive remote work with customers.


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