Digital marketing is the interaction mechanisms with the user, carried out through specific digital channels, for example, smartphones, computers, tablets, TV. In addition, digital marketing also has its representation in offline media in the form of providing links to resources electronically and QR codes.

Digital marketing involves an individualized approach, which means understanding the needs, preferences, hobbies, and other information about a potential customer.

All stages in the development of online advertising can be described as five basic steps:

1. Identify the goals of the online advertising campaign ( sales growth, customer acquisition, data collection, and so on), develop a strategy.

2. Choose how to distribute the message.

3. Make an advertising message in a form suitable for the chosen method of distribution.

4. Launch the advertising campaign.

5. Monitor and analyze the advertising campaign regularly, making adjustments when necessary.

Note that digital advertising is applicable if you are a seller of a specific product for a narrow target audience. Otherwise, the advertising message will not be sufficiently individualized and will not be accurate.

In addition, digital marketing, with all the variety of promotion channels, is the best way to create an active audience on the Internet.

Also, it is possible to name its distinctive feature of digital marketing as its informational orientation. Therefore, if the purpose of your actions is only sales, then digital marketing is not suitable for you. But with an increase of recognition of your brand and delivery of information about the product to the consumer, digital technologies will cope perfectly.

Among the advantages of digital marketing are the following:

* а rapid process of increasing brand awareness;

* relatively low cost;

* the need to monitor and adjust;

* lack of intrusiveness.

Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing comes in two types: those promoted online and those advanced in offline spaces. To each of them, there are specific mechanisms of its realization.

The most effective will be the combination of several means of advertising. Thanks to it, you will achieve the maximum possible coverage of the audience.

Digital marketing strategies.

To use digital marketing technologies in your business, you first need to develop a strategy. To make it easier for you, we will outline a step-by-step algorithm for its creation:

1. Develop goals for the advertising campaign. They need to be digitized and submitted in the form of numbers. For example, to increase site traffic by 30%.

2. Identify the target audience (TA). At the same time, it should correspond to the product's target audience you are promoting.

2. Formulate the competitive advantage of the product. It should be reflected in the advertising message.

3. Choose several channels to distribute the advertising message.

4. Design the design of the message depending on the selected channels.

5. Calculate the amount of budget and set deadlines.

6. Think through the parameters for evaluating the performance of each channel.

7. Track, analyze results and make adjustments as needed.

Digital agency 

Compared to conventional advertising agencies, their services are limited to promoting products online or through high technology.  

Digital agency services may include:

- Website creation and maintenance;

- Promoting a product on social platforms;

- Organizing online advertising campaigns;

- Implementation of various events, such as holding a campaign in a shopping mall.

The task of a digital agency: to move the customer from offline to online, in other words, to increase sales through the Internet.


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