The role of SEO in modern marketing 

 The idea of search engine advertising, or SEO for short, originated with the first commercial search engines and remains one of the core disciplines in online marketing today. With the rapid development of online channels, the introduction of automation and AI, and the trends towards mobile, social media, and personalization, the question arises as to what role SEO will play in a modern marketing landscape.

5 debunked myths about marketing

How this or that advertising banner ends up on the screen is incomprehensible to most people. There are several myths, from eavesdropping to data self-determination, and we'll dispel them. Advertising, especially online advertising, is still a closed book for many. Even marketers can't have a complete overview - Google, Facebook, and Co. aren't exactly known for their comprehensive transparency. We've looked in detail at six common advertising myths.

What is digital transformation and its use?

What is digital transformation, how has digital transformation changed the marketing industry, and what skills should your marketing team develop to build customer loyalty in the future successfully? Digital transformation is one of the most important hot topics in marketing. It's not just about technology but also people, processes, data, analytics, and strategies. Digital marketing changes how customers interact with your brand, but it changes the entire marketing process.

A groundbreaking tool for predictive SEO

Integrated Digital Performance Solutions has demonstrated a new technology development that provides marketers with a key to predicting SEO, generating weekly search share data and tracking digital consumer queries. The company says this development has significant potential in the performance market and is designed to fill the gaps created by the mainstream markets by bringing together data sets and resources beyond their current capabilities.

China market analysis for foreign companies

Foreign companies in China are less optimistic than a year ago. What are the biggest challenges? A year can change a lot. While in 2020/21, companies still cited Internet access restrictions, low cross-border Internet speeds, and administrative obstacles as the top 3 problems for business. The current survey referred to such issues: as preferential treatment for local companies, legal uncertainty, and restrictions due to environmental regulations. 

Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing aims to increase the investment appeal of real estate for the investor, tenant, actual buyer, and other target audiences who may use the property after it is handed over. The use of marketing is associated with the beginning of work on constructing the property. At the same time, marketing activity is maintained at all stages of the life cycle. In other words, real estate marketing is resorted to from the moment of appearance of ideas to their implementation at the end of the construction phase.

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