Assistant robots in the workflow. What to expect next?

The worldwide pandemic and its aftermath gave an impetus to all corporations to develop innovative systems and introduce robotics into the workflow. Robots become multifunction functional. And their possibilities are growing every day.

Once the Covid-19 subsides, all these technologies will spread to other areas. This difficult situation significantly and irrevocably revolutionized the workplace. Many companies need to use virtual methods to save employees. Some have switched to automated technologies and have proven their effectiveness.

Future Contributions for Manufacturing Related to Robotics

The global economic downturn caused by Covid-19 has created problems with the delivery of goods, logistics planning, and labor shortages. That is why large companies are seriously interested in introducing innovative systems into their work.

Our specialists have carried out research into the areas of serial and hybrid production. All attention was paid to the study of various developers of automated systems and machines. Suppliers of these products were interviewed by our experts on the subject of how they see their potential customers, as well as how their business is affected by global economic and other changes. Since this issue has become especially acute this year.

Is technology still good or evil?

The opinions of Elon Musk, Yuval Noah Harari, and the rest of the great minds of the planet.

To what extent do scientists, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of large companies approve of the rapid development of technology, how do they see our future and how do they relate to the privacy of their data?

Are robots capable of comprehending marketing?

Let's dive into the world of the future for a second and imagine what it can be. The streets will be full of robotic workers with whom you can have small talk. Will it be easy for you to talk to him and for him, in turn, to understand your intentions, desires and preferences? The robot can tell you that it is engaged in the development of postcards and tries to find the perfect words of congratulations and designs that will attract the buyer. Perhaps even he will ask you for advice on this matter. 

TOP 5 new popular directions in marketing in 2021

Marketing is obliged to follow all the newfangled trends and ways of development. Today, ABM is one of the most popular marketing schemes. Indeed, now, no one will surprise anyone with large-scale business developments aimed at mass consumption, at this stage individual marketing is considered more valuable. It aims to grab the attention of future consumers. It is this kind of individual marketing that is doing well in the market today, he manages to bypass all the obstacles and pitfalls on the way of development.

Everything we know about digital avatars

Virtual assistants are moving from science fiction films into our lives.

A few years ago, virtual clones of people could only be found in movies, and the first real developments were perceived as something impractical. Now they are used in business on a par with voice assistants. In this article, we will look at how the first avatars appeared, where they are used, and when digital personalities will become an integral part of our lives.

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