The developers of the social network Facebook have presented to the public a special application that will optimize the process of creating more modified and improved robotic systems. The open source code of this program called Droidlet will be useful to many IT specialists and scientists. Scientists shared their opinion with users of social networks that this application is a modular heterogeneous agent technology, as well as a system that is capable of producing embodied agents. This program can do work on the basis of natural language, autonomous systems and computer vision.

The corporation-developer Facebook claims that it is capable of implementing various sequences of machine learning into an automated system. This in turn will allow for an accelerated and easy prototyping process. Typically, such programs are tested and tested for effectiveness in sequential vision processes. This happens with the use of their automated machines, or do the exchange of two different natural language understanding systems. The heads of the corporation say that the Droidlet technology makes it possible to develop such agents that are able to work both in real time and in real time, as well as artificial. An example of this is Minecraft.

Instead of perceiving the agent as a whole, the developers claim that it is constructed from many particles, both thoroughly studied and approximately investigated. Facebook's management advertises this system as one of the most successful and easy to manage. In addition to the simple process of scaling and ease of management, the system is distinguished by the fact that it is able to conduct training even with huge amounts of data from any element. Dynamic and static data can be successfully combined in training.

 Droidlet technology comes complete with an interactive control panel, debugging and rendering tools. In addition, a dedicated interface is provided for instant correction of agent errors. The corporation developer says that the presented application will be further improved and pleased with updates and an innovative approach. It is planned to add multitasking to the system, a wider range of equipment customization. The developers are happy to take into account all the wishes and preferences of consumers, as well as their colleagues.


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