Coaching on exploring your startup's niche

With the help of this article, you will be able to find out the six main points necessary for exploring your startup niche.


Awareness of the startup task.

Thinking through the analysis design

Marketing Research Coaching: Standards and Examples

 In the modern world of the market system, the last word is always up to the buyer, because it is he who decides which product is better for him to buy in the end. Consumers carefully study the product they need before spending money on it, they research all the information about it, consult with friends, or seek help from the Internet community. Please note that this list does not include a sales representative. Given these statistics, can you tailor your sales strategy by referring to the way shoppers search for product information?

New directions of marketing in 2021, according to 21 specialists

A huge number of marketers are people who have their own opinions about certain things, they also do not forget to listen to public opinion. Marketers necessarily interact with employees from other areas of the company, they study how prepared the company is to face the onslaught of competitors, and they also provide constant communication that unites the aspirations and demands of consumers.

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