The price of marketing services has increased significantly recently. Customer acquisition can be quite expensive for businesses. What is now going on is what is commonly thought to be a decrease in the size of voluntary attention. So what's the point of all this? The main task of marketers is to attract as many interested consumers as possible to the product. To achieve this goal, you need to resort to really catchy advertising methods. Quite often, marketers are faced with a problem when they are given county seconds to attract buyers. It may seem impossible at first glance, but luckily we have a few life hacks for you. 

 Let's take a closer look at the methods we offer to attract customers. First of all, you need to grab the attention of consumers, they should have an interest in the product or service you offer. This is called attention marketing. Most often, you can observe this technique on the Internet. Attention marketing helps grab limited consumer attention on social media. By itself, the meaning and phrase "attention marketing" was coined by marketer Steve Jelly. It was later used and made popular by Seth Godin. He used the term to describe a business model where the focus of customer acquisition is on differential content. And if pop-up banners and online ads were popular in the past, in the use of attention marketing this all fades into the background. Once you succeed in attracting enough consumers, you can subtly invite them to use your products. At the very beginning of the development of social networks, marketing looked completely different. More often than not, well-known brands targeted their advertising to a wide audience, they did not target a narrow circle of interested consumers. Now, thanks to the active use of the Internet and social networks, companies can search for their customers and work with them. This is why attention marketing time comes. Thanks to him, the brand will be able to attract a sufficient number of customers and sell its services. 

 The sequence of marketing moves 

When you reach the stage of development and are already focused on attracting the attention of customers, you need to think over the logistics aspects. Remember that you should not hesitate and act as actively and promptly as possible. Analysts have found that the level of human attention is 8 seconds. Recent research shows that collective attention time is decreasing. To grab the consumer's attention, the marketer only has a few seconds left before the consumer's attention turns to something else. 

 And yet, how can you attract an audience? We bring to your attention useful actions for attracting people. 

 TOP 7 ways to attract customers' attention.

 1. Your best advisor is apps. 

To know to grab the attention of your customers, you need your product content to appear regularly in their news feed. When going to your page through an advertisement on Instagram or YouTube, customers want to see a real product that matches the declared advertisement and the previous video. Only then will people be able to get carried away with your product and continue browsing your content. It is much more practical and attractive for a client when companies simply repost information in one social network, leaving a link to it in the rest. This increases the chances that consumers will click through to your page. It should be remembered that nowadays many young people often use smartphones for scrolling in the network, while some still prefer PS. Think about how you can satisfy the needs of both, so that it is convenient for them to view information about you. 

 2. Reasonable and capacious texts.

 The precise definition of your goals and the precise definition of the result of cooperation with you will increase the chances of interaction and attract the attention of consumers. Simply review your company's marketing assets and see if your customers understand the true value and purpose of your business. Is it possible to understand this in a few seconds? If you do everything right, people will be interested in your brand and stay on your page longer. Therefore, be clear, direct, and understandable about your goals. Target your audience. 

 3. Using unified media resources 

A well-connected media and multichannel support that grabs the audience's attention will increase the number of interested customers and attract the attention of your potential customers. Thus, you simply need to use as many different types of media files, pictures, memes, and more. This form of information presentation can give you an awareness of what you are doing right, what suits you, and what you don't like. Also, your methodology must include an interactive advertising environment. Over 80% of the content is sometimes very effective and interactive, which grabs attention when it comes to static content. Finally, it is important to test your media content and the types and ways of creating, distributing, and using information. 

 4. Tell the story. 

 We all love interesting stories and legends. Whether it's information about brand building, a fictional story, or a specially crafted story that will be associated with you. This will help you engage your audience more. Therefore, we advise you to start your promo video or advertising on social networks from the storytelling. By catching the interest of consumers, you can easily interact with them in the future.

 5. Emotional Impact Marketing.

 This is the idea that your marketing materials should use emotion to grab the attention of consumers. By turning on a certain mood, viewers will naturally respond to your post and grasp the message embedded in it. After all, your main task is to evoke emotion in the audience and a desire to give a reaction to what they see. 

 6. Opportunities for co-marketing. 

Co-marketing is the interaction between companies and labels that leads to improved productivity and increased customer acquisition. You supply each other not only with a client base but also share all sorts of ideas and life hacks in the business industry. Also, you can start a successful and fruitful collaboration with the media. More than half of all successful marketers claim that through this type of marketing they will be able to build a decent customer base. It is thanks to cooperation with famous people, celebrities, and influencers that you will be able to reach their audience, which will be yours in the future. 

 7. Decent site with stylish design. 

Perhaps your main asset in marketing is your website, which you invite your potential customers to visit. Therefore, it should be as stylish and resident as possible. This is your smart card and the face of your company. So don't skimp on the best web developers and create decent content. Your site should engage customers with just a one-second look at it. Thus, as you already understood, attention marketing is more than just viral advertising. It is a complete tool in your arsenal for attracting consumers. 


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