Pinterest goes beyond social networking

In 2021, Pinterest stock tripled, but almost no one paid attention to it against the backdrop of Tesla and Zoom Video Communications' success. We think the stock could be interesting to buy, despite its nearly 60% slump from February to December of this year. Rumors that PayPal might buy Pinterest for $70 a share momentarily fueled interest in the latter's stock. Given Pinterest's projected 2021 net income growth of more than 2x, the company's 32.8x P/E 2021E valuation looks unjustifiably understated.

British startup received 3.4 million to distribute AR

An innovative project from the Dent Reality company was able to attract investments in the form of 3.4 million dollars for the development of its developments of augmented reality. The company strives to enter a wide market and present its products to an even wider circle of consumers. Thanks to financing, the corporation will be able to invest in its development, in the expansion of its sects. This is how, according to the founders, it will become possible to popularize the system and strengthen its competitiveness.

TOP 5 approaches for the right selecting AMR for an app

To improve the quality and volume of work, investors began to think about investing in AMR. A lot of famous canned food began to study the payload level of the system and its requirements. Before contacting this system, you need to be aware of the speed of reading data and whether AMR can be functional in an active human society.

Droidlet open source automation platform from Facebook 

The developers of the social network Facebook have presented to the public a special application that will optimize the process of creating more modified and improved robotic systems. The open source code of this program called Droidlet will be useful to many IT specialists and scientists. Scientists shared their opinion with users of social networks that this application is a modular heterogeneous agent technology, as well as a system that is capable of producing embodied agents. This program can do work on the basis of natural language, autonomous systems and computer vision.

Snap's competitors are influencing product ad adoption

When consumers are involved in the augmented reality processes that companies provide in their promotional campaigns, they are geared towards a deeper immersion in the product or service being offered. This does not happen when watching standard commercials or photos in magazines. After huge financial losses due to the situation with Covid-19, according to a study by the American Eagle Outfitters corporation, many suppliers of products and various services have decided to use additional reality. According to them, this will help attract more consumers and establish sales.

Digital marketers are number 1 in popularity among freelancers

According to statistics, marketers, designers, and technology professionals have been the most popular remote occupations over the past year.

Online platform PeoplePerHour conducted a study in which it studied all the information about 15 thousand freelancers. After studying the information received and analyzing it, it was revealed that the positions of designers, technology professionals, and digital marketing are the most demanded in the online employment market. You can notice that more and more requests and projects on freelance platforms are related to marketing and programming.

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