When consumers are involved in the augmented reality processes that companies provide in their promotional campaigns, they are geared towards a deeper immersion in the product or service being offered. This does not happen when watching standard commercials or photos in magazines. After huge financial losses due to the situation with Covid-19, according to a study by the American Eagle Outfitters corporation, many suppliers of products and various services have decided to use additional reality. According to them, this will help attract more consumers and establish sales.

Realizing their financial crisis and the losses that are only increasing due to the pandemic, retailers decided to go to Snapchat to promote their products in its vastness. American Eagle relied on teenagers, who were their main consumers. They, most often, were flattered by this application for video sharing.

One of the retailers of fashionable youth clothing has created a virtual online store for its Snapchat products. More than 15 items of clothing can be viewed at one time. Users moved their phones from one side to the other and saw the entire store. To carefully view a specific product, they clicked on it to find out all its characteristics. Users saved the items they liked and then went to the American Eagle website for the final purchase.

As a result, the trading company made a profit of $ 2 million, and also entered into 50 million successful contracts with various brands and firms. All this happened thanks to an unusual method of attracting a young audience to your business. After setbacks and financial losses, the company was able to recover quickly.

Consumers love this ad format, which is why many sales representatives and marketers have started to implement quality ads on social media and smartphone apps. The Interactive Advertising Bureau claims that this has resulted in a 16.3% jump in social media ad prices. This is a huge number compared to previous years.

While Facebook, TikTok, and other apps are all about embedding AR in their systems and leveraging it for advertising purposes, Snapchat still has a better prospect for avoiding the kinks in AR in advertising. For example, more than 280 million people use Snapchat every day, with an average age of up to 24 years. They used this application mainly to record short cute videos with filters and apply cartoon effects to their face online.

Soon, the corporation introduced several innovative offerings that can facilitate online shopping based on augmented reality. Customers will now have more options and convenience. For example, a scanner has become much better in the application, this will help consumers see a clearer picture of the proposed purchase because the program will be able to capture the smallest details.

The number of Snapchat users using augmented reality lenses has increased by as much as 40 percent. This is more than an 80% increase in users themselves. The management of the corporation claims that even though the main source of profit for them is advertising, the additional reality does not fade into the background but, on the contrary, increases the growth.




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