An innovative project from the Dent Reality company was able to attract investments in the form of 3.4 million dollars for the development of its developments of augmented reality. The company strives to enter a wide market and present its products to an even wider circle of consumers. Thanks to financing, the corporation will be able to invest in its development, in the expansion of its sects. This is how, according to the founders, it will become possible to popularize the system and strengthen its competitiveness.

 Previously, the company worked with world-famous brands. They were testing developments at the Westfield store. Dent Reality has managed to develop a unique application to make it easier for users to find the goods they need. The system works online, it saves time and takes you into the process. This is a very promising development that can be successful not only in the field of sales but gain popularity in exhibition centers, museums, train stations, and universities. The head of the company assures that he does not plan to dwell on one area, but seeks to expand and promote the startup in all areas of life.

 By itself, the unique Dent Reality system can give the consumer all the best. Advanced technologies provide the most realistic technology for recognizing the surrounding space, a high-quality digital map, and a good interface with AR navigation. Thanks to the successfully developed cartography system, it has become easier to navigate in the store, it is easier to search for the products you need. You can use a special application to get around with your mobile. This greatly simplifies the search for the required product, you just need to enter the name of the product in the search engine and the system will immediately show where the product is located on the shelf, among thousands of other products. In this way, a mutually beneficial combination of virtual application and real-world experience occurs.

 At this stage of development, the monetary contribution coincides with the announcement of their opinion on the metaverse, huge canned food such as Microsoft, for example. But, for a long time, young companies did not have sufficient support and faith. There was a minimum amount of risky investments because investors learned from the bitter experience of other startups and did not want to repeat the same mistakes. This hindered the development of such a niche as an alternative reality, including in Dent Reality. But the company was able to find suitable attractive ideas for investors.

 The corporation believes that the metaverse will become an integrated reality. Virtual and alternative reality will exist as a single whole.




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