Integrated Digital Performance Solutions has demonstrated a new technology development that provides marketers with a key to predicting SEO, generating weekly search share data and tracking digital consumer queries. The company says this development has significant potential in the performance market and is designed to fill the gaps created by the mainstream markets by bringing together data sets and resources beyond their current capabilities.

MediaVision has launched three products with the Predict SEO platform as its main strength. After MediaVision's data analytics and development experts partnered with New Look, a 12-month global retailer, to ensure that the technology fit a real business requirement, this led to spectacular increases in New Look's revenue.

The Predict SEO framework leverages factual data, which takes SEO out of the box of conventional reactive and proactive components and helps to identify prospects and develop content earlier so that a company can get high rankings.

In addition, this technology allows e-commerce brands to take maximum advantage of the full cycle of buyer acquisition to generate additional revenue. This is accomplished in four key ways:

- Identifying changes in demand at an earlier stage

- Better aligning supply and demand at the product and category level

- Providing teams with the tools they need to maximize efficiencies in sourcing, performance, promotion and acquisition. 

Creating a new growth driver ensures that SEO is seen as a critical investment channel and not just a hygiene tool.

The Predict SEO tool is accompanied by a program that provides weekly data so brands can compare themselves to each other, analyze and compare details over time. This is quite different from the monthly reports provided by existing industry tools.

This program identifies brand potential, analyzes brand relevance, shows the competitive landscape at the brand and product level, and evaluates the direct influence of ongoing brand investments, enabling improved adjustments to campaigns and contacts.

MediaVision also tracks search queries by brand and market conditions in real time, which is many times faster than commonly accessed data. It supports retail brands by quickly providing relevant and reliable market information so you can make decisions with confidence.

Few standard industry tools can solve the problem brands face in today's e-commerce markets. But now companies will have a new tool to tackle the toughest challenges at every stage of customer satisfaction.

Classic SEO strategy is reactive and proactive, but the new MediaVision technology has brought predictive data that affects how you start and what you focus on. 

This further improved other activities, and the overall impact on sales was significant.


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