Today, video content is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Thanks to video advertising, almost all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others have revolutionized the concept of marketing. Statistics show that 82% of all Twitter users watch video content. When you use Video as part of your marketing strategy, you will increase your conversion rate. Videos with colorful graphics and animations appeal to people. In addition, a video will get a lot more views if it has what people need.

The importance of videos in PPC is undeniable

The volume of keywords is growing, and a lot of content is being created every day. The return on investment in PPC can go down, and it will be hard to keep up with the competition. And that competition will get even more challenging in the future.

AdWords videos require much less effort but more creativity. That's why each of them has a unique level of creativity that sets it apart from the rest. In addition, the attention span of a modern person does not exceed 8 seconds.

And if a person doesn't like the content, he won't continue to know your brand. A well-composed video combined with interesting brand information provides higher PPC and lead conversion rates. There are other reasons justifying the effectiveness of video marketing:

Videos like Google.

Everyone wants a higher ranking on Google. Since Google bought YouTube, videos have had a different effect on search engine rankings. In addition, video ads increase the amount of time each consumer spends on them. This increases viewing time and therefore increases the order of your brand.

Video increases conversions.

Videos are engaging content. They increase conversions by up to 80%. Most people who spend a lot of attention watching videos later purchase the product.

Watching videos is more engaging.

People tend to avoid texts that are too boring. Watching an engaging video that creatively communicates information is more likely to get people to take action. At the same time, videos are much clearer and create a more favorable opinion of the brand.

Videos are easy to share.

Users are eager to share anything they are interested in on social media. Compelling and engaging content that satisfies customers will invariably draw them in. They like to share, and if they find something they can resonate with, they'll share it with anyone. Videos are content that can be shared and that everyone would like to see. More than 1 billion videos are shared on social media every day. And that means users prefer videos over boring content and articles.

How to create an impression with videos

Videos and ads should target specific audiences. To make your videos more impressive, you need to determine the category of users they will target. Make sure your videos are well-made and grab your audience's attention within the first 10 seconds. 

Infographics, statistics, creative drawings, and other techniques can be used to grab your audience's attention. When specific news stories are presented with humor, users love it.

Make up a short video that conveys relevant information at a given time. Edit your scripts several times, keeping only what matters most to your audience. Don't forget to add additional graphics and artwork to create a more impactful video.

Video and video advertising are the future.

Without a doubt, using videos will lead to an increase in your revenue. Today's people are starting to go digital, and their creative thinking changes over time. 

The world of virtual reality is evolving, and Video provides a tremendous experience.

By simplifying complex concepts using animation, you can attract more audience attention to your brand. Over the next few years, you'll need to develop a completely different marketing strategy and implement Video as part of it.


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